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If you've ever looked at getting a licence for an HMO, you might have noticed it's a slightly complicated issue. The problem with HMO and property licensing is that it isn't straightforward. There are lots of exceptions between local authorities, and what is an HMO in one street might not be just across the road. To help us make sense of the complexities around property licensing, we asked an expert, Paul Conway of HMO Services to explain it simply.

In this weeks FREE guide, How to Get a Property Licence (and what happens if you don't) we take a look at:

  1. When do you need to get an HMO or property licence?
  2. What certifications or other factors do you need before you apply for your licence?
  3. How can property licensing differ between local authorities?
  4. The penalties for non compliance
  5. And more...

You can download the quick guide today for free by clicking here:

Posted in Landlords announcements on Apr 29, 2019

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