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The latest legislation to affect landlords comes into force on 20 March 2019. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 does not actually introduce any new obligations for landlords; instead it requires landlords to ensure that they are meeting their existing responsibilities with regards to property standards and safety.

Note that this Act extends to England and Wales but its practical changes are only for England. Wales has had its own fitness consultation.

So, why do we need this Act? What will it do? And what do you, as a landlord, need to know about it to ensure that you are compliant?

Why do we need the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation Act) 2018?

We all know that the number of people living in rented homes is rising rapidly – a fifth of the UK population now lives in privately rented accommodation; double the number who were dependent on the PRS ten years ago. The types of households in the sector has also evolved over the years, with a record number of families now renting as home ownership declines.

With more and more people reliant on the PRS, the government is taking steps to ensure that all rented accommodation is fit for human habitation and to strengthen tenants’ means of redress against the minority of landlords who do not fulfil their legal obligations to keep their properties safe.

This issue gained greater political momentum in the wake of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, where tenants had complained about safety conditions but their calls fell on deaf ears.

Posted in Landlords announcements on Mar 20, 2019

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